The Agreement Pt 2

The Agreement Part 1

The 1899 Agreement contained 17 paragraphs in legal speak, beautifully written in the Copperplate style.

As was found, the initial paragraphs determined the area of land in question and the annual rental requirements.

Of the former, the colours Pink, Blue and Yellow were the cricket-related zones and were made up of:

Pink zone 3 acres and 20 perches

Blue zone 1 rood and 32 perches

Yellow zone 2 perches.

Giving us 3 acres 2 roods and 14 perches or just over 3 and a half acres.

£10 per annum for 10 years with the option of another 5 years costing another £6 12 shillings and sixpence. Payment to be made half yearly on the 1st of May and November with the Landlord paying any taxes involved.

The land would be used solely to play Cricket, Hockey, Tennis or Bowls and if any other use was contemplated, the Landlord would be consulted.

If, for any reason, the fence between the yellow and pink zones had to be removed, the Tenants would be responsible for restoring it. All fencing had to be kept in good repair.

No sods or grass should be removed from the Blue or Pink areas except for reasons of repair.

The trees must not be interfered with.

Additions and alterations to the Pavilion could be made with Planning Permission and the Landlord’s approval.

No ploughing or breaking up of the Pink and Yellow zones is allowed but the Blue area could be laboured for levelling or re-laying.

One horse could be grazed in the Blue zone but only sheep could graze in the Pink area.

The Green zone could be a sub-let to the North Down Hockey Club

The landlord will establish a path and a gate off Castle Lane and, if this project can’t proceed, then the Tenants may break a hole in the wall on the North of the ground and establish a gate at that point.

The Landlord’s Right of Way lies between points A and B on the map

The Landlord will, within six months, erect a fence between points B and C on the map.

The Tenants may use the river water for all sport-related purposes.

If, within twelve months, the land is not used for the intended purpose, the Agreement will be declared null and void.

Duly signed by Thomas James Andrews and witnessed by Wynslow Bolt? Bult? Butt!

Answers on a postcard…