100 Club

The 100 Club is our longest running and most successful fundraiser having raised tens of thousands of pounds in the last two decades, which has helped with projects such as clubhouse refurbishment and the construction of the practice nets.

It is a simple game – £10 per month secures you a number and entry into the draw on the last Saturday of the month.

The monthly prizes are: first £250, second £100 and third £100 with an additional £50 spot prize open to those who attend the draw.

At the end of April the Annual draw takes place when the prices increase to: first £1000, second £400 and third £200.

For details on how to join the club contact any committee member or email website@northdowncricketclub.co.uk

Current 100 Club Members & Ball Numbers

1Stephen Russell
2Sandra Hanna
3Graham Moreland
4Richard Headly
5Clarence Hiles
6Darren Elliott
7Danny Graham
8Neil Dalzell
9Andrew Macrory
10Staci Maxwell
11Sam Irwin
12Stephen McConnell
13Matt Wilson
14H Coulter Snr
15Ryan Haire
16Paul Davidson
17Phil Gilmore
18Don Shields
19Norman Johnston
20Sareen Wishart
21Johnny Terret
23Kirsty Cherry
24David McVeigh
25Gemma McGrogan
26Donna Sharpe
27Erskine Willis
28Craig McBride
29Wesley Graham
30Gordy McConnell
31Ian Shields
32Sydney Elliott
33H Coulter Jnr
34John Hiles
35David Speers
36P Moose
37Andrew Haire
38Stephen Johnston
39Gavin Robertson
40Jim Cooper
41Patricia Coulter
42Chris Revill
43David Napier
44Nicky Fraser
45Peter Shields
46Harry Hawke
47Colin McCaughey
48Ian Carser
49John Marks
50Marty Dalzell
51Sandi Harrison
52Wilmer McKibben
53Keith Graham
54Maurice Brown
55Cairns Boyd
56Beth McCormick
57Peter Eakin
58Dean McDonald
59Joan Russell
60Kevin Shields
61Pamela Parker
62Raymond Moreland
63James Campbell
64Colin McCaughey
65Alan Stevenson
66David Jardine
67Martin Ferris
69Jim Patterson
70Davy Donaldson
71Linda Harrison
72Roy Murray
73Jeremy Eakin
74Stevie Lennon
75Mervyn Davison
76George Harper
77Briony Simpson
78David Irvine
79Ryan Galway
80Howard Webber
81Paul McLaughlin
82Peter Corbett
83Mark Cartmill
84Linda Andrews
85Gillian Anderton
86Mark McLeod
87Keiran McKenna
88Sam Wallace
89Alan Meekin
90Orla McGrogan
91Wes Campbell
92Ray Shields
93Scott Irvine
94Ivan Shields
95Billy Adams
96Alistair Shields
97Bill Hiles
98Kirsten Hewitt
99Peter Bond
100Norman Beck
101Diane Eakin
102Mervyn Bassett
103Jonny Heron
104Gary Hewitt
105Neil Russell
107Keith Malone
108Kim Davison
109Rosemary Thompson
110Mark Nelson
111Dawn Campbell
112Laura Davison
113Mags Loonam
114Michael Dines
115Gavin Rodgers
116Graham Campbell
117Megan Eakin
118Janice McCaughey
119Hannah Eakin
120Reggie Gilmore
121Jill Russell
122Alex Gordon
123Scott Walker
124Michael Parker
125John Telford
126Gina Reilly
127Crawford White
128David Strain
129Gordon Porter
130Paul McCaughey
131Jayne Moore
132Paul Dutton

Thanks to all participants!