Sammy Davidson

Sammy played in his first Senior Challenge Cup Final in 1897 and won 2 more winners medals a year later and in 1908. He also suffered a ‘pair’ in 1904 and was on the losing side again in 1909 even though he scored 56 and 24. Totally involved in the club from an early age, Sammy was also the right back and acting captain in the 1899/1900 hockey side when they won the prestigious Kirk Cup. Sammy was on occasion the 1st XI opening batsman, always in the high order and said by Willie Andrews as, ‘one of the finest batsmen the province ever possessed’.

This Castle Street draper topped the averages in 1895, and was the subject in a verse sang at a club function in the Andrews’ Memorial Hall in 1926 to celebrate the Senior and Junior Cup wins. Mr. A Hunter, the singer, had a verse for each of the players and sang to the tune of ‘Six Miles from Bangor to Donaghadee’

‘The County Down railway kicked up a fuss,

The time Sammy Davidson started the bus

And Sam says he’ll soon kill the railway outright, If you don’t believe me ask Robert James White. (Micky)

Tra la la, Tra la lee,

The best team in Ireland is North Down CC’

Sammy took on the job of club Secretary in 1920 and held it until 1925 and later became a Trustee.