Derek Steen

Every era has its characters but there was something special about the characters down the club in those years. Derek Steen, a former Leinster schools’ opening bowler, was a fiery captain of the 3rd XI, but an endearing socialite in the clubhouse. He was an inspirational leader and a fine chairman who did much to get North Down back to the top of Ulster cricket.

He was a midweek  captain like  Alvin Maginess and together played an important role in building the backbone of the club in the Seventies and laying the foundations for its strong social base in the years that followed. For many years selection was by ‘invitation’ and the midweek teams provided platforms for some players to go as high as the 1st XI.

The first year saw a team captained by Derek Steen beat a strong Academy XI in a league play-off final. The next four years saw the Midweek XI win this league again under captains Alvin Maginess, David McVeigh and the McMillan brothers, Trevor and Jack.

The club had worked hard at establishing a strong 3rd XI and, as the decade ended, they could boast a well-established middle of the league placing, although their one run defeat in the Minor Cup against North of Ireland was very disappointing. Much of the credit should go to Derek Steen and Alvin Maginnis who did much to foster a strong social aspect, and in the process cajole players into the ranks who may otherwise have drifted away from the club. David McVeigh, James Campbell, Wesley Campbell and Hammie Mills scored most of the runs while the bowling honours usually lay with John Craig, James Boucher and Wesley Campbell.

A Summary of DJA Steen at The Green:

1971 Captain 3rd XI

1972  Captain of League Winning Midweek team

1973 Captain of 3rd XI Champions; Boys XI Secretary

1974 Captain of 3rd XI League Winners

1975 CAPTAIN of 3rd XI

1982 – 87 Club Chairman

Club Patron