Posted: 4 months ago

Paddy’s Day Update

A Happy St Patrick’s Day Bank Holiday Monday to all our members!

Another week has passed in the countdown to the 2024 season and once again there is plenty to report.

We’ll start with a couple of images from the efforts of our Groundforce.

I think we’ll all agree this is a great job but to be honest, we can do better in terms of  the number of helpers at the minute as it is more of a small crew than a force!

Michael will keep us up to date on the Sunday work and we’ll add in at least one ‘Club Day’ too, a big push to get jobs done, which deserves your support. I’ve heard rumours of unashamed bribery coming into play too with Breakfast Baps being talked about and even free drinks!

Last week also saw the laying of the new astroturf pitch on the top ground – another significant investment from the club committee and one that will serve all the junior players well.

Here on the site there is an update to the article about the historic ‘Bowler’ magazine and a great story outlining details of the 1924 Club Tour

Hopefully you’re enjoying our ’10 Questions’ series which will have it’s first female contributor this week…

Indoor nets finish this week so we’ve all fingers crossed that the weather picks up soon and our teams can get training outside at The Green ASAP.

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