Posted: 2 months ago

C’mon Weather

C’mon weather gods, be nice!

After storm Kathleen ripped through Norn Iron at the weekend, the exact starting point for the new season remains uncertain as we await a sustained improvement in the weather to allow us on to the grounds.

Unfortunately the planned T20 warm-up games for the 1stXI this weekend have had to be postponed and it is thought the Union may be considering a delayed start to the season with games scheduled in April being moved to a date later in May – watch this space…

Confirmed Friendlies:
April 20th 1s vs Lisburn (a)
April 20th 2s vs Downpatrick (h)
April 21st 3s vs Coleraine (h)

Saying that, the hardly souls from the 3s/4s/5s training squad made first use of the outdoor nets last week during the one hour of dry weather we had, and Groundforce, led by the weatherproof Michael Dines got a good lot of work done on Sunday morning.

One unexpected piece of work to be done was the removal of a fallen branch, brought down by the aforementioned storm, but as usual V/C Colin McCaughey stepped up and quickly had the local residents concerns quashed with some handy chainsaw work.

In other news, we hope you saw the article about our new players from Southern Hemisphere HERE

Another reminder that our membership portal is open HERE and that the NCU Gameday Registration is also available to complete HERE (must complete this to play).

The CricketEurope website did a brief 1stXI season preview, you can read that HERE

A couple of dates for the diary – Saturday 27th of April will be the £1000 draw for the 100 club and the following week, Sunday 5th May, will be the first of our always popular Beer & Cider festivals, with fun for all the family.

And finally, although there isn’t much available yet, the NV Play Plugin on the site is now live, you can access it in the top menu bar, and this will throughout the season have all club fixtures, results, league tables etc etc (and whisper it but maybe a live stream too!).

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