Taimur Khan

Taimur hailed from the Peshawar region in the north of Pakistan. He holds a degree in law but worked for the Allied Bank of Pakistan, that is whenever he was not representing their very successful cricket team in the national competition. He was captain of the Pakistan A side, and had represented the full side at the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Malaysia. He also represented his region and it was his performances for this side which pushed his name into the frame for test match selection.

Taimur will return again to The Green this summer for another term but this time as a coach. He was a key player in his first two seasons 1999 and 2000 when the team won the Senior League for the first time in 63 years and the Senior Cup. During those two years nearly 2000 runs and 50 wickets made Taimur one of the most feared players in Ulster cricket and his popularity with players and supporters alike led him to put down roots in the area and stay as a most successful player until 2008