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10 Questions… Billy Adams

1.Who are you, where are you from and tell us an interesting fact about yourself?!

Billy Adams from Comber – everything about me is interesting!!

2. Tell us how you started cricket and what was it about it that had you hooked?

Followed in my grandas, my dads and my brothers footsteps just the enjoyment of it.

⁠3. Tell us about your connection to North Down and why you’re still playing all these years later

Playing from a young age at the club and I still get enjoyment out of playing and the banter on/off the field.

4. Proudest cricketing moment to date?

Don’t have one.

5. Best player you’ve ever played with and why?

Raman Lamba, pure class.

6. Favourite ground in Ireland to play at?


7. What are your hopes for the 2024 season?

Winning enough matches to stay in the league and hopefully lift a few cups, and the younger players following up from last season.

8. Who is the biggest diva in your team? Why?

Hammy – always last on the pitch and has to have his hair perfect.

9. Favourite post match beverage?


10. If you were to give advice to the younger players at our club- what would it be?

Enjoy yourself and be confident.

Sound advice to finish with there from Billy – not normally know as a man of few words – thanks for taking part, and thanks to the CricketEurope photographer for providing this classic….

To read more about Billy and see a few more images from throughout the years check him out in The Vault

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